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Wayne Dyer on Chiropractic

Here is an interesting video featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally best-selling author of more than 30 books. Dr. Dyer shares his views on the status of the current health care paradigm and the role of Chiropractic in the shift away from that current health care model.

White Blood Cell Ingesting Bacteria

White Blood Cell Ingesting Bacteria

This is a great 29 second clip showing a white blood cell chasing down and ingesting a bacteria. This process is constantly occuring inside of our bodies. It is our inborn ability to stay in balance and healthy. Chiropractic adjustments and the chiropractic lifestyle of proper nutrition, thoughts, and activity support the bodies natural defenses. [...]

At the beginning of my treatment…

"At the beginning of my treatment with Dr. Steinle I had debilitating neck pain. Doctors, physical therapists, and other chiropractors had all previously told me that nothing could be done to relieve the pain. A neighbor referred me to Dr. Steinle. I am now totally pain free and I owe it all to Dr. Steinle." Charlie S. Evergreen, [...]

Success Story-Evergreen Chiropractic

Success Story-Evergreen Chiropractic

Thank you for the testimonial, Brent! "After two years of suffering chronic pain in my lower back, a friend of mine suggested Dr. Steinle. At the time I was seeing another Chiropractor with very limited success. The pain was to a point that I had my doubts anyone could fix me. With some hesitation I went to see Dr. Steinle. Upon meeting Dr. [...]

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