Tuesday October 16th 2018



Dr. Steinle Completes “The Science of Recovery, Wellness and Prevention” Continuing Education Training

ChiroCCA LogoJason C. Steinle, DC, completed continuing education on September 12th  in Denver, Colorado. The Science of Recovery, Wellness and Prevention training program focused on understanding, self regulation, epigenetics, allostasis, autonomic state and the causes of sickness and health.


The program was lead by Dr. James L. Chestnut who is chair of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science. Dr. Chestnut is the developer, lead instructor and author of the four textbooks for the ICA Wellness Lifestyle Certification Program, the first accredited post-graduate wellness lifestyle certification program in history.


The seminar was hosted by the Colorado Chiropractic Association. The Colorado Chiropractic Association was founded more than 80 years ago as a professional association representing Colorado doctors of chiropractic.

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